Writing for Publishing is an Irish-based educational project. It has been specially devised for authors, writers, independent publishers who are interested in pitching their work to and for a public audience, exploring techniques that offer the best means of doing so effectively. Our approach is to highlight the connection between writing and publishing as two aspects of the same continuum, whose aim is to connect authors with their readership.

Authors and writers of a previous era were taught to regard publishing as a separate realm and division of labour and not their concern – something, in fact, best left to others. This largely served to cultivate an atmosphere of exclusivity and elitism across the wider literary and publishing community. Today, such notions are crumbling, along with many other mental and physical barriers, which, in the past, would have prevented authors and writers from finding a readership, exploring the market potential for their work and so on.

A new renaissance is upon us, made possible by advances in publishing and communication technology. We welcome these advances. We believe that they herald the dawn of a new era: harbingers of hope for authors and writers who believe in their work and are willing to take a chance in getting it ‘out there’ and published. Writing for Publishing is about furnishing you with the knowledge, skills, tools that you will need to pursue your ambitions, dreams and objectives.

This course will be available at venues across Ireland initially and further afield with time. There are also plans to make it available using online and distance learning techniques. We welcome enquiries from all interested parties – authors, writers, independent publishers, writers groups, literary organisations, libraries, museums, bookshops, anybody involved with the literary and publishing community. Feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone (01 8569566 or 087 7604547) or by e-mail.

This project is sponsored by The Manuscript Publisher, an Irish-based provider of professional and affordable services to authors, writers, independent publishers. Over the last ten years or so, The Manuscript Publisher has worked alongside dozens of authors, writers, independent publishers, helping them to successfully publish their books. The insight that we have gained from this experience is what we want to pass on to you, as authors and writers interested in exploring the prospects of writing and getting your work published, performed, produced.