Writing for Publishing is an educational programme that has been specially devised for authors, creative writers, anyone interested in writing to and for a public audience. The purpose is to help prospective authors to enhance and develop their writing and presentation skills, with a view to getting published. We regard Writing and Publishing as separate aspects of the same continuum, which feed and inform each other. Among the subjects and themes covered by our include:

Why Do We Write?

Course introduction. Taking a brief overview at the history of literature and the written form while asking, what makes people take up the pen (or keyboard) to write in the first place?

Creative Writing

Exploring different styles of writing, while choosing a form that best suits your creativity and talents. Not just knowing how to write but, who you are writing for. Who is going to want to read your work and why?

Presentation and Design

Examining the principles of design and presentation across all media, not just the literary form. We also take a look at the various tools of the trade (programmes and software) that are at the writer’s disposal.

Writing as a Career

The possibility of making a career by doing what you love is always at the back of every writer’s mind. Here, we bring the matter to the forefront and examine various ways and means of doing just that.

Overview of the Publishing Process

We look at the stages involved and the business models that are applicable to all forms of publishing, focusing in particular on the traditional (publishing house) and the self-publishing routes.


Challenges and pitfalls await the writer who chooses this route but, there are certainly opportunities. Publishing is a business at the end of the day. The key to it comes down to maintaining ownership and control while minimising exposure to risk.


We examine the subject matter in terms of its place within the history of publishing, the long-term implications for the industry generally as well as coming down to the very basics of how to get started.

Building and Managing Your Web Presence

The worldwide web is a publishing platform in itself that is free to use by virtually everyone. How you can use this to your advantage, as an author and independent publisher, is the subject of this module.

This course will be available at venues all over Ireland and will run throughout the year. It is also intended to make it available via distance learning techniques, for those who are prevented from attending in person. Details of times, dates, venues, etc will be posted on this website (see our Calendar of Events – coming soon), as well as on FacebookTwitter, Goodreads, where we invite you to follow us too.
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